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Exploring Sweden: A Travel Blogger’s Guide

Thursday 04 January 2018 at 07:34 am.

Sweden is small but is a very lovely country because of its different tourist destinations. From the frozen lands up north to the rugged western coast to the picturesque islands in Stockholm, Sweden is a must visit place especially for travel bloggers. Most Swedish travel bloggers who have gone to this place will say that the country isn’t cheap, however it will all be worth it as you will surely fall in love with their stunning architectures, historic cities, and surreal landscapes. Before travelling, save a lot of money to be able to enjoy Sweden the way others did. This article will give you helpful and practical information for your future adventures in Sweden. has various tutorials related to Swedish Blogger.


One thing is for sure, although Sweden is a small country, you cannot surely explore it within a day. Most of the hostels start around 250 SEK per night for a dorm room and are between 690-810 SEK for a double private room. A budget hotel will begin around 700 SEK for a double room per night. If it’s not your thing however, then you may also avail of their cheap hotels but they will need sharing a bathroom with other guests. If you are fond of adventures, you can also try wild camping as they are legal and free of charge.


Food is quite expensive in Sweden. But if you cut on cheese and meat (as they are the most expensive food items) you can save a lot of money. Most nice sit-down restaurant meals begin at 160 SEK for a main dish. Many convenience stores offer pre-packaged sandwiches and meals for under 50 SEK, while their French hot dogs cost only 30 SEK. If you are into wine or beer, then you need to budget 60-75 SEK .


Most intercity trains cost 325-610 SEK, but if you are able to book a bus a month or more before travelling, then you can pay as low as 80 SEK (Take note that these tickets are limited).


Their museum and attractions cost about 80-195 SEK, and they have plenty to offer for solo travel bloggers as well as families.  Enjoy as many activities as you can such as hiking, cycling, skiing, and kayaking.