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Weight Loss Clinic Near Houston Shares Top Diet Fads that Really Don’t Work

Friday 23 February 2018 at 11:22 am.

The logical thing to do when you are trying to lose a couple of pounds is to do some research on how to start a healthy regimen. However, not all of the so-called ‘special diets’ are effective. A weight loss clinic near Houston reveals that there are even some diet fads that don’t actually help your weight loss goal, but can instead do the exact opposite which is to gain weight.

Here are some of the popular diet fads that simply don’t work:

Diets that eliminate entire food groups.

There’s a reason why nutritionists would often say: “eat balanced meals everyday”. This is because there are certain nutrients that your body need to function and only a specific food group has. This is the reason why certain low-carb diets, vegan diets, and raw food diets can only temporarily make you lose weight before you actually get too cranky and stressed from eating the same food everyday. It will only trigger your cravings and you will eventually end up bingeing on the very food that you are not supposed to be eating.

You will also notice some unwanted body changes as the time goes on such as not having enough energy for the day, hair loss,bleeding gums, and other symptoms of not getting enough nutrients. offers some in-depth insights on weight loss clinic houston.  

Diets that aim to cleanse.

A great example of this is the Master Cleanse (popularized by pop diva Beyonce). It is liquid-based diet that aims to ‘cleanse’ or ‘detoxify’ the body of fats. However, there really is no scientific basis that diets like these actually work. The human body is actually well-equipped in cleaning the body (hello, liver and kidneys!) so switching to this kind of diet does not make any sense.

Diets that tell you to include a single item because of its ‘healthy properties

You might have heard people singing praises on the benefits of including apple cider or green tea in their diets. Though, supplements such as have nutritional value, it it pretty much doubtful that it can dramatically make you lose weight all on its own. Buying these supplements can only make your wallet thinner - but not you. When it comes to losing weight, there really is no easy way out or miracle cure.